Raw Milk Chocolate

Raw Milk Chocolate

I know, another sweet recipe. Really, that is not all we eat in our house – just seems to be the theme at the moment. I have had a couple of questions now about how to make a raw milk chocolate.

Since cows milk is off limits for those seeking a totally raw or vegan recipe, I employed the creaminess of cashews and it really worked! Below is the recipe I developed today with great success. It has a slightly different texture to our other raw chocolate. A little bit fudgey.  So for those who do not like the strength of a dark chocolate – try this!

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Raw Milk Chocolate

By May 30, 2013

For those who don't like the bite of dark chocolate, this is the perfect healthy option - much better for you than conventional milk chocolate and actually, I think it tastes nicer too!
optional extra: 1 tbsp of lucuma powder or mesquite powder. These ingredients have a slightly caramel flavour and are a tasty, nutritious edition. However the recipe works just as well without them.

If you enjoyed this recipe, please let me know in the comments below. Thank you.


  1. Prepare a 21cm square baking dish by greasing with coconut oil and lining with baking paper. Make sure the paper hangs over the sides as this will aid you to remove the chocolate when set.
  2. Melt the cacao butter and coconut oil either over low heat or in a dehydrator (purists may want to adopt the latter method).  For more info on melting over a very low heat, check out the video on making raw chocolate.
  3. Once your oils are melted, pour into a food processor and add the remaining ingredients. Whizz until smooth.
  4. Pour into your baking dish and place into the fridge or freezer to set. I prefer the freezer for speed. Once set, slide your knife around the outside and use the baking paper to lift your chocolate out of the dish. Cut into squares and after sampling, or gorging - (whatever your preference), put the leftovers into a container and back into the fridge or freezer. Again, I prefer the freezer. Let me know how you go with it!

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