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  1. Michelle Blazek

    hi, I had your first book wild morsals and updated to wild vegan as the book fell apart with everyday use with the spiral bounding. Unfortunately my wild vegan book has been covered with home made lemonade!!!!! does not get out of pages. I am devastated as I have been trying to get another copy but have not been able to as everywhere says that it is unavailable. By any chance would you know of where I can get a copy? I am slightly having withdrawals as I used it just about everyday.

    • Hi Michelle, Oh no that hurts when a book is ruined. I am so happy that you have been enjoying cooking from it though. I am happy to say that I have just retrieved the rights to Wild Vegan a few days ago. There were no copies for a long time because the publisher retains rights for a certain period after releasing the book. I am currently working on an ebook and also looking into print on demand as I don’t have anywhere to store more books. The eBook will be complete in the next couple of weeks and I am not sure about print on demand.
      The new version will be back to the name Wild Morsels and will have all the illustrations put back in. I will definitely let you know as soon as I re-release. Thanks so much for your support ­čÖé


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