Wild Vegan

Wild Vegan, published by New Holland Publishers was originally Wild Morsels. I have just regained the rights to this publication and will be re-releasing it as soon as I am able. It will first come out as an eBook. I am also looking into print on demand for those who prefer a hard copy. This new version will include all the illustrations from the original “Wild Morsels” and will have some revised adjustments to make some of the recipes even healthier. 











What people are saying…..

“I make every effort to adhere to what the Vegan Society NSW holds to be two basic veganic principles when reviewing a vegan cookbook and they are: First, the recipes must work and second, they must be healthy. Angela Stafford has produced a 1st rate vibrant cookbook that’s full of vegan verve. It won’t let you down.”

Claudette Vaughan, Former President Vegan Society NSW

“We’ve happily turned vegan, well almost! We’re loving it, especially my two children, one and two years old. Our favourite is the Moroccan Vegetables with Couscous. Fantastic for camping. Angela, your personal comments on each recipe are warming and valued. Thanks, we look forward to the second book.

Gabby Berry, NSW

“I have always found vegan biscuit and cake baking a little tricky without eggs, but the American Style Choc Chip Cookies were described as “awesome” by my 20 year old and “the best you’ve ever made”. The blueberry cake was also described as “awesome” and equally enjoyed by my non-vegan husband…Terrific book. I so enjoy baking from it.

Josette Spall SA

Made a delicious meal with the Creamy Vegetable Soup for starter, yummy Banana Cake for dessert and the highlight of the meal was the Lemon and Thyme Roast! Great book. Recipes are tasty!

Lisa Gaines, NSW

My husband had to change his diet and this book was like a Godsend. The recipes are great. Simple and very tasty. The whole family love them.

Brenda Pyett, NSW

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