Raw Food

A collection of recipes featuring raw, superfoods. Delicious desserts and salads.

Gingerbread Bliss Balls

Gingerbread Bliss Balls

I developed this recipe with Christmas in mind. It is great to replace some of the very sugary desserts at parties with something more healthy but just as delicious. If you like chocolate gingerbread, add some raw cacao to this recipe and blend it all a little longer to bring […]

nut butter

Make your own Nut Butters

Nuts can be expensive to buy, especially if you are after organic or insecticide free and nut butters are even more expensive! If you don’t want to pay the high prices, it is worth making your own. As long as you have a food processor, it is very quick and […]

Smoothie Bowls

Chocolate Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie bowls are such a great way to enjoy a sweet treat and power up with nutrients at the same time. Especially great for kids because you can hide stuff in them that they may not ordinarily eat! The trick is getting the balance of flavours right so that they […]


Raw Chia Crackers

Try making these delicious, healthy crackers. They are made from chia seeds which are a powerhouse of nutrients. I flavoured mine with fresh herbs from the garden and sea salt but I am sure you could add any number of flavours. Try different seasonings in the form of herbs and […]


Make Your Own Almond Milk

Why Almonds? Nowadays there are so many varieties of milk it is almost strange to be drinking milk from a cow. So why do we choose almonds? This lovely white liquid is: Free of lactose Provides┬ávitamins A, D, E and calcium Contains B vitamins, iron and riboflavin which are good […]


Chocolate Berry Chia Pudding

This post and video have been a long time coming. I have now shared this recipe with so many people and it has been a hit with them all so far. I have been talking about releasing this video for ages but we just couldn’t do it. We filmed this […]


Choc Raspberry Pie

This is my most favourite raw dessert recipe yet. A chewy, chocolaty base followed by a smooth, chocolaty centre and a slightly sweet slightly tart raspberry sauce to top. Please follow and like us:  


Pink Drink

This one is for those hot summer days – especially when the kids get home from school eager for something cold. Instead of juicing your fruit, blend it into a smoothie with mineral or coconut water. This way, they get the goodness of the fibre in the fruit as well […]


Raw Caramel Slice

My latest mission has been to make a raw caramel slice. Somehow, the marriage of dates, macadamia nuts and salt forms a caramel flavour. Amazing! Please follow and like us: