Ingredient: 1 tsp vanilla extract

Smoothie Bowls

Chocolate Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie bowls are such a great way to enjoy a sweet treat and power up with nutrients at the same time. Especially great for kids because you can hide stuff in them that they may not ordinarily eat! The trick is getting the balance of flavours right so that they […]


Choc Raspberry Pie

This is my most favourite raw dessert recipe yet. A chewy, chocolaty base followed by a smooth, chocolaty centre and a slightly sweet slightly tart raspberry sauce to top. Please follow and like us:  


Raw Caramel Slice

My latest mission has been to make a raw caramel slice. Somehow, the marriage of dates, macadamia nuts and salt forms a caramel flavour. Amazing! Please follow and like us:  


Little Banana Breads

At the moment my house has the most heavenly smell of banana bread wafting around. Perfect for afternoon tea with a cup of something hot. Please follow and like us:  


Berry Ripe Slice

This is my first raw food slice and it went down very well! It is quick to make and serves as a sweet snack or a dessert. Please follow and like us:  

photo of milk chocolate

Raw Milk Chocolate

I know, another sweet recipe. Really, that is not all we eat in our house – just seems to be the theme at the moment. I have had a couple of questions now about how to make a raw milk chocolate. Please follow and like us:  


How to Make a Raw Cheesecake

You may or may not have heard about this thing called a raw cheesecake. Whether you have or haven’t, I have to tell you – it is worth educating yourself about this delicious dessert. Please follow and like us:  


How to Make Raw Chocolate

Given the fact that 90% of the population LOVE chocolate (ok that figure is made up but you know what I mean) and also given that most chocolate isn’t so good for you, I thought it was high time my boys and I teach you how to make healthy, delicious, […]