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Fairytale Food Safari

A mother’s video testimonial

Children’s video testimonials

“I am loving your recipes. Even more I am loving the confidence your book has given me:) I made the Greek beanies yesterday. Realised I didn’t have enough cannellini beans, so made it up with chickpeas:). They were delicious! I need to make a double batch though so I have some for lunch boxes.  The potato and rosemary crackers are also a huge hit, a triple batch only just lasted a week! The raw brownie even passed my no-nut-eating husband’s test! “

Nikki Kerswell, Townsville

“I want to congratulate you on your book.  It’s really fantastic and I am touched by the amount of energy you have put into it; details, photos and paintings. Your lovely healthy family photos say it all really. But you have a great talent for expressing some very important things to children and their parents. 
It’s so brilliant. I love the chapters in the beginning where you explain things and tips for training taste buds – so well done. Just a good modelling for parents on how to talk objectively with their children. It is so often very emotive, anything around food. And then the lovely healthy recipes with great photos.”

Yatra Southward:  Kaiwaka, New Zealand

Happy owner of Fairytale Food Safari“Just wanted to say how much I have fallen in love with your book, Fairytale Food Safari. All the recipes that I have tried are delicious, wholesome and easy to make. My favourite has to be the Lentil Cottage Pie and the Muesli Bar. I now have a beautiful guilt free snack to take to work.The book has given me inspiration to adopt healthy eating habits and be more mindful of what I put in my shopping trolley! Even my husband loves it- and he is a big meat eater! I can’t wait to try more recipes from this beautiful book.”
Jo Lam, Sydney



“I just cooked your vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie! It was beautiful!! My boys LOVED it! Even my ‘fussy eater’ who could not believe it had no meat in it!!  They were so excited when I said there was enough left over to have it again tomorrow night!! Can’t wait to try more recipes!”
Trinity Hook, Coffs Harbour, NSW

Happy child cook made meal from Fairytale Food Safari
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“Teisha(9 years) making Rice paper Spring Rolls from Fairytale Food Safari. Can’t wait to get stuck into them!”
Nikki Tye, Melbourne


“This book is a real gem and I am so proud to have it in my kitchen collection. Not only are the recipes delicious, healthy and nutritious but this book is also educational and a visual feast with gorgeous watercolour illustrations in glorious colour throughout. I cannot recommend this book highly enough as Angela also encourages the kids to prepare these recipes and involve the whole family”.

Lesley Smitheringale, Brisbane

“I’m absolutely loving Fairytale Food Safari! These are definitely my kind of recipes – delicious, simple creations that we can all enjoy using whole foods. We’ve made so many recipes from it and I can say that each one has passed the ‘fussy child’ taste test! Thanks Angela, your book has now become a staple in my kitchen.

Jennifer Bruce, Brisbane


 Wild Vegan

“I make every effort to adhere to what the Vegan Society NSW holds to be two basic veganic principles when reviewing a vegan cookbook and they are: First, the recipes must work and second, they must be healthy. Angela Stafford has produced a 1st rate vibrant cookbook that’s full of vegan verve. It won’t let you down.”

Claudette Vaughan, Former President Vegan Society NSW

“We’ve happily turned vegan, well almost! We’re loving it, especially my two children, one and two years old. Our favourite is the Moroccan Vegetables with Couscous. Fantastic for camping. Angela, your personal comments on each recipe are warming and valued. Thanks, we look forward to the second book.

Gabby Berry, NSW

“I have always found vegan biscuit and cake baking a little tricky without eggs, but the American Style Choc Chip Cookies were described as “awesome” by my 20 year old and “the best you’ve ever made”. The blueberry cake was also described as “awesome” and equally enjoyed by my non-vegan husband…Terrific book. I so enjoy baking from it.

Josette Spall SA

Made a delicious meal with the Creamy Vegetable Soup for starter, yummy Banana Cake for dessert and the highlight of the meal was the Lemon and Thyme Roast! Great book. Recipes are tasty!

Lisa Gaines, NSW

My husband had to change his diet and this book was like a Godsend. The recipes are great. Simple and very tasty. The whole family love them.

Brenda Pyett, NSW

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